ESG Ecosystem

ESG has been around since the 1970s, when Abt Associates, a research group, began using social audits as a way of measuring the benefits and costs of its research on its stakeholders (Freeman, 2021). Since then a vast ecosystem has emerged around ESG, which few people can make sense of. IBSS has begun an exciting collaboration with Ascentys ESG, a Switzerland-based SaaS business that automates end-to-end ESG management, to clarify the ESG universe for students.

The inspiration for this initiative was a guest lecture by Özge Özdemir, co-founder of Ascentys, in which she described the evolving ESG landscape based on her years of consulting experience. Presented in slide format, her 2D mindmap has been tremendously helpful for students struggling to make sense of the many interconnected institutional actors, platforms and activities in this rapidly-changing space. Our goal is to create a dynamic 3D map of the ESG landscape for use by teachers and practitioners alike.

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