Waste Stream 2

Waste Stream 2 is an exciting student-run initiative whose objective is to find productive uses for waste materials that would otherwise go to landfill.

The project was inspired by a British luxury fashion brand called Elvis & Kresse, which got its start fifteen years ago making belts, bags and wallets from decommissioned fire hose. Pioneered by Japanese firms 30 years ago, ‘circular economics’ is only now being embraced in other parts of the world, with help from the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and other groups.

In Spring 2022 we launched a pilot project with Creative Urethanes in Winchester, a manufacturer of skateboard wheels and other specialty products from urethane. According to CEO John Tiedemann, two truckloads of waste urethane shavings are sent to the landfill every week. Hauling and landfill costs quickly add up!

Here is Conor Bailey with waste urethane shavings at Creative Urethanes’ Winchester facility.

In Fall 2022 we filed a patent on a unique punchbag design, incorporating urethane shavings. Here are students David Agyei, Conor Bailey and Sana Iksi stuffing a punchbag with urethane shavings.

Here is David testing the prototype!

One team of students is working on a new and improved punchbag. A second team is hunting for other uses, such as mats and archery targets. In the coming year, we aim to set up a production line, market and sell this unique line of products, and donate product to area high schools.

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